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Photo of the Day - Special: The Colors of Japan

"Seasons Passing in a Dance of Colors"

Maikos - the apprentice Geikos / Geishas - with their beauty, the red lips, the pure white skin and the black hair are a very well know picture of Japan. Many people associate exactly that with the "country of the rising sun".

With their elegant appearance, they fit in more than perfect with the autumn colored trees and the serene atmosphere of the temples and shrines in Kyoto. Let's follow their short steps; bound by the colorful Kimonos they are wearing and take another walk through the many traditions of Japan. Take a glance at those pictures that are so typical, yet usually not seen like this...

Enjoy this little journey before we return to the modern feel of Tokyo on the very last page. As the winter approaches, the lights in the city seem to shine brighter, glittering like the snow that has yet to come.

[Please enjoy here]

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